It's a monkey. On a back. But not necessarily my monkey. Or my back.

Matthew Povey

I am a northern English, serial immigrant currently living in Amsterdam. I work for a British technology consultancy, Virtual Clarity in the CTO team, where I am responsible for building our portfolio of cloud enablement services. I build and sell projects to help my customers' developers and legacy application teams use public cloud well. And I build the teams that deliver those projects. On occasion, I lead delivery projects.

Although I work on cloud infrastructure I retain alove of physical boxes, fan noise, wires and serial cables that comes from years as a sysadmin. I am a technology generalist with particular interests in strategy, security and systems administration. Outside of tech, I'm an economics, politics and history nerd and have a more than passing interest in computer games. As a parent with kids in school, I'm also interested in education both in terms of the nuts and bolts of how learning works as well as education policy. I am also a fairweather fan of Leeds United.


I can be found in many of the usual places though I stopped creating new social media accounts sometime after FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook. In general, I cannot be contacted reliably via those platforms. If you need to get in touch with me, mail my full first name at the domain of this site. Or if you know my phone number, feel free to try to call but if I don't know you or your number, drop me a text beforehand to increase the chance that I'll answer. I'm on Signal and WhatsApp on the same number. My public key is [here](

My LinkedIn profile has the usual list of employers I have workd for, customers I have worked at and jobs I have done. It also sports an inaccurate photograph and some blurb about how fantastic I am. I left out the cleaning jobs and time spent unloading ships as for some reason employers don't seem to care even though I think they should.

This place is not connected with any of my employers, past or present although I will occasionally post links to work I have done for them. This should all be treated with the seriousness deserved of a website housed in a cupboard on a decade old Mac Mini running OpenBSD. All pages are generated using the delightfully simple ssg static site generator from Roman Zolotarev. The gross site design is no one's fault but mine.